Our Reserve location (2230 N

About UsBeing a very green mode of transportation, bicycling tends to appeal to the same people who believe in recycling. So why is it so damned hard to find a used bike? Well, it’s not anymore at least not for those who’ve discovered the Bicycle Fix, https://www.brandsonsalemall.us a little shop at the corner of Federal Highway and NE 26th Street that opened late last year. Behind this venture is Jason Deal, a young mechanic who can bring a bike back from the grave at considerable savings for customers, to boot.

The Earthships of Taos, New Mexico: Space Age Design in Environmentally Conscious Structuresby Carrie Peterson 9 cheap jerseys months agoThese houses may look like science fiction, but they are some of the most practical and Earth friendly structures around. Each act of a Buddhist monk’s day is devised to contribute to the big picture of their religious discipline. Zen sects.1How to build a brick arch; the beauty, mathematics and history of building arches in architectureby claudiafox 4 years agoThe spread of knowledge from North Africa and Arabia, following a mysterious region wide cataclysm, brought the how to of the arch to Europe in early 1200s.

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Anyone coming to an Akron Children’s facility is asked to wear a mask or cloth face covering, excluding children under 2 and patients with sensory issues. Akron Children’s will provide masks to visitors who need them. The masks will be collected when visitors exit, laundered and recycled due to limited supply, the hospital said..

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