Settling 12000 refugees syria iraq

Settling 12000 refugees syria iraq

Fighters of the Islamic State (IS) group kill three policemen near the Syrian city of Deir ez-Zor

Iraqi Kurdistan’s parliament votes to approve the creation of a ‘parliamentary’ army, amid increased tensions between the Kurdish regional government and the Baghdad-based central government, but President Massoud Barzani refuses to back down

US President Donald Trump makes one of two major visits to Asia as part of an economic trip to China and Japan, which include an informal lunch with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe

Russia’s President Vladimir Putin speaks about his plan to cut off NATO’s eastward expansion on his first visit to Russia as president on Tuesday

The UN Security Council passed a resolution on Tuesday declaring that Israeli forces were responsible for killing more than 1,400 Palestinian civilians in Ga더킹카지노za over six months during Operation Protective Edge, and that the Israeli army was responsible fogospelhitzr the same amount of killings during the operation

The UN Security Council unanimously approved a resolution on Tuesday that formally accused Israe카지노 사이트l of “war crimes” for the death of seven civilians in Gaza during Operation Protective Edge as they “collapsed under the heavy bombardment, shelling and other acts of intimidation and deliberate targeting.”

The resolution, the first time such a resolution has been adopted by the UN Security Council, was issued following a resolution calling for the establishment of an independent commission to investigate Israeli actions during the six-week conflict that has killed 1,092 Palestinians and 746 Israelis.

‘The US did it again’

Trump took several shots at Obama and other top officials on Wednesday for what he said was a failure of leadership.

He made his sharpest attacks yet at the United Nations on Tuesday, where he threatened to cut off the U.S. from the international community over its handling of the crisis and accused the Obama administration of not acting sooner to address the situation.

“My administration can do better,” Trump said during an event before taking the stage at a NATO summit in Brussels.

“President Obama did a horrible job. They didn’t make it worse. The UN Security Council did a terrible job. We’ve already cut off our funding. What I have said to everybody is I don’t like the way they treat us,” he said.

He also reiterated that he believes Israel has to be held to a different standard of accountability from other nations, particularly in dealing with terrorists.

Speaking from the stage, he insisted that he will not back down, saying that

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