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270 degrees LED & Projectors

Layered & Motorized LED panels

Handover And Conference 2015 – Backdrop Mapping

MYTV Launch 2 – LED Mapping

Jotun Launch – Backdrop mapping

Tropicana Residences & W Hotel KL 3D Mapping Launch
”Malaysia Guinness Book Record For Largest Screen”

Backdrop Mapping/Shadow Dance

Backdrop Mapping Empire

Artistry Cambodia

Multi Screen LED, Sound & Lights
13ft x 50ft P5 Curve LED.

Castrol Launch

Hennessy JB 2014
Multiple screen, 180 degree, windows rear projection.

Panoramic, multiple Screen
48×12 screen panoramic screen (front & rear)
9×12 side screen (front & rear)
15k projector x 2
6k Projector x 2
Watchout multimedia system x 3
Truss system w/hoist
Sound System Master Audio Line Array
Lighting System
Basic Animation & Programming

Tiger Radler

Launching New Look

Glass projection

140′ Projection Screen

Design Mapping – 4Plan

Backdrop mapping

3D Projection Launch Gambit – F1 car mapping l

Globe in action!!

Cube Mapping at the Panasonic AV Showcase – Panasonic Malaysia

Multiple Screen ( Layed) – Big Red Button

MAPP Building mapping 2nd time

Hennessy Appreciation Grows 2012 – Rock Mapping

Mockup Model Mapping

MPPP Building Mapping – Mentari Alam

Sphere Globe projection- 1m & 1.5m Diameter

Multiple screens, different shapes & sizes, different images/videos on
individual screens  just using 1 projector.

360 propjection

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